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Eat, Think, Breath Design: Immerse yourself in design. You must taste design in your sleep! Know about design and its leaders like the back of your hand. There's podcast, YouTube channels, and medium blogs to keep you in the know.
Lenora Porter
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Honestly, immersion isn't enough. I need you to drown please. Drown in design.

How bad do you really want a role in design? Would you wake up in the middle of the night and listen to a new episode of The Futur? Would you play UX design podcast during your morning and afternoon commute? Would you volunteer for non-profit organizations to give your new skills a whirl with real world dilemmas? If I called you right now, would you be reading a book about design? I'll be at a local UX meetup today, would I see you? This is the kind of energy I need from you! Eat, sleep, think, breath, and pee design! Seriously.

Absorb as much knowledge as you can. There is lots of information out there and I have a few chosen places I go to hear about design's latest and greatest. I try to get my hands on all types of resources in all different areas of design because you never know what would peak my interest that day.


  1. Design Better
  2. 99% Invisible
  3. Design Details
  4. The Futur
  5. High Resolution
  6. Inside Intercom Podcast
  7. Layout
  8. Revision Path
  9. The Accidental Creative
  10. The Drunken UX Podcast
  11. User Defenders
  12. Late nights with Trav and Los (No longer around but awesome past episodes)
  13. UI Breakfast

Youtube Channels

  1. Mike Locke
  2. UX Mastery
  3. The Futur
  4. Laith Wallace
  5. Flux


  1. Sidebar
  2. Sketch App Sources
  3. Invision Blog
  4. Smashing Magazine
  5. Visual Hierarchy
  6. UX Collective
  7. UX Beginner
  8. Design+Code
  9. UX Design Weekly
  10. Interaction Design Foundation
  11. Creative Blog
  12. Web Design Weekly
  13. Responsive Design Newsletter
  14. Designmodo
  15. Hey Designer
  16. UX Booth
  17. Prototypr

Slack Channels

  1. Team Sketch
  2. Designer Hangout
  3. Dear Designers
  4. Animation at Work
  5. Black Tech Women
  6. Junior UX Community
  7. Creative Tribes
  8. Everything Design
  9. Side Project
  10. SPEC
  11. Product Tribes

Local Design UX Meetups