Study Design Fundamentals

Study Design Fundamentals: Understand design principles such as visual hierarchy, white space, color theory, UX strategy, User Research techniques, accessibility, and platform/device design guidelines.
Lenora Porter
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This is the most important skill you’ll need during your transition into design. Before creating beautiful mockups, you’ll need a crash course in proper design thinking. All designers should start here. It is important to dive deep into design guidelines, design systems, design patterns, the psychology of UX, design thinking, and other design fundamentals.

Every designer must understand the platform he/she is designing for, the business/customer need and the drawbacks they may face.

Designi g for mobile, tablet, iOS, Android, Desktop, TV, Appliances, Car

GPS systems, Store Kiosk, and other electronics can be very di erent. Each interface is unique.

Popular platforms like Apple and Android has come up with a set of standards and design documentation. Of course, you can deviate from these standards but you’ll need an understanding of proper design and software limitations to pull it off.

Furthermore, human behavior plays a major role in design decisions. Your design has to be sure to take into account all human needs like accessibility, human behavior, cognitive abilities, habits, intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation and much more.