Build Your Online Presence

Build Your Online Presence: An online presence is more than just a portfolio. What would a quick google search say about you?
Lenora Porter
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Gain Experience

Creating your portfolio is the catalyst to o cially launching your UX career. It’s your voice, your thoughts, and your ideas in a digital form. When you’re not physically present your portfolio speaks for you.

A good portfolio isn’t about screenshots, visuals, and pretty pictures. Your portfolio should demonstrate your thought process. How did you arrive to certain conclusions that ultimately changed your design decision? How did you approach a new design project without knowing much about the requirements? These questions are in the back of an employer’s mind while reading your portfolio. It gives them insight about how things may be like to work with you so make sure it is clear, concise, and e ciently written.

My Top 3 Favorite Portfolio Websites:

Denise Nicole (My favorite project is the Kanga Case Study) Adham Dannaway (My favorite project is the Campaign Monitor Design) Simon Pan (My favorite project is the Uber “Perfecting the Pick Up” project)

5 Fictious Projects for your UX Portfolio

Design an app or website for a non-profit or mom & pop in your community Use your own portfolio or blog creation as a case study (Study design/visual changes and measure how it e ects your follower, reader, engagement count. Redesign your favorite app Redesign Amazon, Ebay or any other Ecommerce site’s purchase flow Attend a Hackathon (Design Jams, Startup Weekend, Global Service Jams)

Gain Experience